Tips for writing an application letter

Every potential employee has to formulate a CV , it is, to get the desired job. However, this is not the only thing you need to have for employment. A hirer often asks for an application letter which explains why you are the most profitable applicant for the post and what exactly in your personality might make you a good worker. In this article, you can find a clear plan for writing a letter of application with some examples and useful advice.

Why do we need an application letter?

An employer asks for providing this letter very frequently. Generally, it is sent by email to give a company the ability to choose the applicants for inviting them to the interview in real life. From the letter, a hirer cognizes valuable and correct information about the employee. Work experience is important because it will be more profitable to hire a person who knows the job. Training newcomers can be too long and expensive sometimes. The way you are writing and formatting the letter gives an idea of you to the company. The ones who have written letters with unnecessary information and many grammar mistakes are not getting a job. And people who don’t know how to format their letter too. That’s why you need to learn how to write an application letter right.

Most important thing: be honest

It’s important to remember that in this type of letter you should use an official style. Be as outspoken as possible; don’t write about nonexistent experience or skills. Make an accurate employment sheet. Look into the employment ad, make a try to identify an employer’s needs. Highlight your conformity to the requirements.

Writing rules

Your application letter should be no more than one page. Divide it into paragraphs and make use of standard fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial and Calibri. The font’s size should be about 12 points.

You need to start with heading

This is the first paragraph of your application letter. In this part, you should name the company to which the letter is addressed. This section also includes some employer’s contacts:

  • phone number;
  • address;
  • email.

Write a greeting

Most of the time this type of letter is being sent to a person, not the whole company. The best way of greeting is «Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs» and an employer’s surname.

Main body

The main body is the most important thing in how to write an application latter.  It comprises a reference of vacancy, intelligence description of your experience and a reason for your concernment in this job. Your future job depends on this part of the letter. You should do your best and write the most appropriate facts.

Name the vacancy

In the first section of the main body, you should specify an office that you are seeking. It also matters to mention in what way you find out about this vacancy. For instance, you can write:

  • «I am writing to apply for… the announcement of which I’ve found…».
  • «I would like to express my interest for…».

An employer needs to understand who he is hiring. Previous to this part, you were exploring information about what a hirer is interested in and what he wants to see in his potential worker. The reasoning of this knowledge, itemize your best qualities and skills. Don’t forget to write about your true career history.

Why are you interested?

Although many people disregard this part of the letter, it is extremely important. You can write there about your expectation of career progression, interest in this practice area, the capability to put your skills in practice. Try to seem confident and convincingly.

The last thing to do

Relax and calm down, this part of the instruction is pretty simple. All you need is a farewell and a signature. For example, «with respect,» and your full name.

Focus on assuring that you were born to work in this company. You need to make a try to convince that you will fit in the collective perfectly and exercise responsibility better than anyone else of the other competitors. It is also important to check your text for grammar mistakes. The employer will rate you by the letter, so everything must be perfect.

If you are totally unable to hammer out the facts and exclude all grammar mistakes, you can search out a special website where these letters are written by experienced people instead of you. But be careful! Try to find a website with professionals who will do their job with high quality. We need to make it better, not worse, don’t we?


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