Writing an essay now!

Writing an essay

Essay writing is the bane of your existence for those who’re a school scholar. You procrastinate, you set it off, you simply hate it. It’s not solely the writing course of itself that you just despise, however you simply can’t cease day-dreaming about all of the stuff you would be doing on this time, for those who weren’t writing an essay.

  1. Catching up on sleep – Positively the #1 precedence, you by no means appear to get sufficient sleep, so for those who didn’t have to write down an essay proper now? You’d be catching up on these ZZZs.
  2. Catching up on Recreation of Thrones – Who’re you kidding? You wouldn’t be sleeping; you’d be catching up on Recreation of Thrones! You must discover out whether or not Jon Snow is actually lifeless or not.
  3. Getting drunk – This one is a pure state of existence for faculty college students, so that you don’t have to have it defined to you.
  4. Taking part in beer pong (see #3) – A favourite past-time of frat boys throughout, beer pong is a collegiate ceremony of passage. It is usually what you’d be almost definitely doing, as a substitute of writing an essay.
  5. Beating your individual rating at your favourite online game – Nobody else understands, however I do. It’s not about proving one thing to others; it’s about proving it to your self that you just can.
  6. Learn Buzzfeed listicles – You already know you like them, and also you completely spend extra time than you wish to admit studying them. I’m onto you!
  7. Nursing your hangover (see #3) – Bear in mind #3? And #4? Yeah, that’s in all probability what you had been doing final evening, which suggests now you’re feeling like your head is indifferent out of your physique.
  8. Losing time on 9gag – Ah, candy procrastination. Ineffective? Sure. Silly? Oh, sure. Satisfying? Pricey God, sure.
  9. Falling down a YouTube rabbit gap – Uh-oh, you’re within the “bizarre a part of YouTube” once more. How did that occur?
  10. Stuffing your face with the home made cookies your mother despatched you in your care bundle – Take this one at face worth; it requires no additional clarification.
  11. Catching up in your studying – Let’s be trustworthy; you wouldn’t actually do it, however you prefer to fake you’d, as a result of God rattling, you’ve gotten like, 15 books to learn this semester.
  12. Texting – Who’re you kidding? You don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend, however that doesn’t imply you’re not pestering that cute woman/boy in your Psych 101 class.
  13. Crying in your pillow – Faculty is tough, you guys, and typically, it will get to you. Each morning. And late at evening. And in your method to work. And within the break room.
  14. Hanging out on Reddit – You inform your self you want to be told, however you’re simply there for the memes.
  15. Taking a protracted, scorching tub – Yeah, proper! There are solely very chilly showers whenever you’re residing the dorm room life, however preserve dreaming.
  16. Calling your mother – Nicely, you want cash. Once more. So it’s time on your weekly “I like you” name to mother. Shameless, but in addition efficient!
  17. Emailing your trainer to beg for the next grade – We’ve all been there. “I’m sorry I didn’t research, however my grandma died, and I had Yellow Fever, Mr. Burns. Are you able to please give me a passing grade?” Traditional.
  18. Understanding – All that beer needed to go someplace, and it selected your stomach and your hips. Nicely, it’s time to hit the health club!
  19. Ponder switching your main – Feeling misplaced and panicking about having chosen the improper main is virtually a requirement for any scholar.

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